Carved Fish

Fumio Nagai

Mountain Stream  

The mountain stream is the spawning water habitat of fish.
In each season the mountain stream has various faces.
Spring, summer, fall, winter.
The dangerous beauty of nature is realized by the fish inhabiting it.
The Japanese Iwana, with its strong will to live.
The Yamame Trout and the Amago Trout, are typically found in the streams of Japan.
The Ayu, intuitive and stunning.

They are wondrous and preccious.

Icy deep blue water reflects rays of light, mountain ranges, sky and even, wind.
The Rainbow Trout magnificently jumps out of the water.
The Brown Trout, the source of my inspiration.
By appreciating wild trout, I have gained strength, patience, wisdom, and peace of mind.


In a pond, a marsh, in the shallows of the river there exists majestic and warrior-like fish.
In the river, the Large Mouth Bass is a fighting hero at the top of the evolutionary scale.
He is followed by the Catfish, a wise being.
The Carp the ruling king of the pond.
The Pike, the monstrous giant.
Each fish possesses a unique character and spirit.


Independent waterways unite to form a mighty river that surges to the sea.
The Salmon fight their way upstream seeking the sacred water of the mountain stream.
The colors and shapes change.
The quality and number is unbelievable.
The beauty is gruesome.


The final destination and source of earth's water.
In the ocean, there exists brilliant hues, breeds, and shapes of fish.
The size and strength of fish migrating to and away from the ocean inspire feelings of fear and admiration.
The ocean is the beginning, the end, the unknown.